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Crossing Borders – Bishop’s University Research Cluster

Race and Indigeneity

The purpose of this multidisciplinary research axis is to explore concepts of “Race” and “Indigeneity”. Often these two ideas are dealt with separately in intellectual discourse. Since the heart of the crossing borders research cluster is to break down or challenge borders that have been created in all sorts of ways by all sorts of people and events, this cluster aims to combine the two concepts in a single research space in the hopes that scholars of each will benefit from an exchange of knowledge, interests and perspectives. Specifically, the focus of this axis is to address questions relative to self-identification, recognition and/or marginalization of groups occupying, having occupied or willing to occupy a specific territory. The fluidity of sociocultural, historical and political phenomena of racial and indigenous distinctiveness is highlighted as are issues of multiple asserted identities in a borderlands context.

Gender and Power

This axis explores how gender categories shape lived, everyday experiences in power-laden contexts, and how these compare across time and space. We are particularly focused on how gender intersects with deviance, sexuality, political discourses, and individuality.

Transnational Identities

This axis investigates the constitution, the politics and the representation of national as well as individual identities in a trans-national context. More precisely, we seek a conceptualization of the discourse on identity that draws on a dynamic of relation across borders, ethnicities, and races. Framed by cultural-studies and post-colonial approaches, the forging of identity is tackled as a process of (re)-definition that involves rejection, acquisition or imitation of foreign social and cultural practices. Within this framework we analyze how displacement (forced or voluntary) informs the articulation of identities torn between external representation and subjective perceptions.

Transformative Praxis

Praxis Malawi is committed to the alleviation of human suffering through collaborative and dialogic education in the Kasungu Region of Malawi. In partnership with local residents, and with the support of global patrons, we are dedicated to fostering the development of critical thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship as a way to support the sustainable independence of local cultures. Our objective is to meet these responsibilities through a Campus Approach, where university and Malawi communities engage in relevant situated learning that will serve both immediate and long-term needs.

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