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Research Fellowship

In March 2015, Dr. C. Darius Stonebanks, coordinator of the Crossing Borders Transformative Praxis Axis announced that one of the axis’ alumni, Mr. Aaron Thornell, received a prestigious OceanPath Fellowship to work over a nine month period with the local Malawian community in Chilanga to develop, construct, and implement the Transformative Praxis: Malawi campus community radio station.

Public Lecture

Under the auspices of the Liberal Arts Social Justice and Citizenship Minor, the Brazilian human rights lawyer, Cristiane Arnold delivered a public lecture on “Violence and Human Rights in Brazil” on February 19, 2015. This lecture was organized by Dr. Bruce Gilbert and sponsored, in part, by the Crossing Borders Research Cluster.

Public Lecture

As part of Black History Month, Dr. Robert J. Cottrol Jr., the Harold Paul Green Research Professor of Law and Professor of History and Sociology at the George Washington University delivered a public lecture on February 5, 2015 titled “From Emancipation to Equality: Overcoming the Legacy of Slavery and Racial Exclusion in the American Hemisphere.” The event was organized by Dr. Gordon Barker and sponsored, in part, by the Crossing Borders Indigeneity and Race Axis and the Crossing Borders Transnational Axis.


Film Festival

The Crossing Borders Research Cluster and the Humanities Division presented Never Such Innocence: The Great War on Film on November 7, 2014. This festival screened three renowned films on World War I and included textured introductions by Dr. Steven Woodward, Dr. Cristiana Furlan and Dr. Rebecca Harries.

Book Launch and Panel Series

On November 6, 2014, Dr. Lisa K. Taylor presented the collection of essays Muslim Women, Transnational Feminism and The Ethics of Pedagogy: Contested Imaginaries in Post-9/11 Cultural Practice (Routledge, 2014) which she co-edited with Dr. Jasmin Zine. As part of the book launch, scholars participated in the panels titled “Decolonizing Feminism in a post- 9/11 world” and “Indigenous Women’s Leadership and Decolonizing Feminism.” This event was sponsored, in part, by the Crossing Borders Gender Axis.

Research Presentation

As part of an ongoing series of brownbag research presentations, Dr. Jean Manore shared her working paper titled “The survey and the map:  envisioning the territorial colonization of Aboriginal lands in Canada” with members of the Race and Indigeneity Axis on April 10, 2014.

Undergraduate Colloquium

Crossing Borders, together with the History Department and the History Student Association, co-organized an undergraduate interdisciplinary colloquium titled “People and Their Things: Material Culture and Society” on April 4, 2014. Student presentations included:

Rebecca Smith and Meghan Wrathall, “Rethinking Consumer Behaviour: a Baudrillardian Analysis of Value.”

Megan Buchkowski, “The Ogilvie Manuscripts.”

Madeleine Carrese, “Female Power through Art Patronage in Renaissance Italy.”

Sarah Zwierzchowski, “To be Magnificent: Fashion and Socioeconomic Relationships in Renaissance Venice and Florence.”

Screening and Public Lecture

The Transnational Axis and the Race and Indigeneity Axis, in collaboration with the History Department presented the public event, “Coming to Jakarta by the Massawippi Remembering terror and mass violence in Indonesia, 1965 – and an Eastern Townships connection” on March 27, 2014. It included the F.R. Scott Lecture by Dr. Peter Dale Scott (Concordia) and a screening of the award-winning (and Oscar-nominated) documentary film “The Act of Killing.”

New Publications

Chartrand, V. (2014). Penal and colonial politics over life: women and penal release schemes in NSW, Australia. Settler Colonial Studies, 4(3), 305-320.

Chartrand, V. (2014). Tears 4 justice and the missing and murdered women across Canada: An interview with Gladys Radek. Radical Criminology, 3, 113-126.

Screening and Public Lecture

On March 21, 2014, the Gender Axis, alongside the History and English Departments, featured a public event titled Girl Model: The Other Side of Fashion. Dr. Cristian Berco delivered a lecture titled “Between Agency and Constraint: Renaissance Fashion, Consumer Culture, and Gender.’ Following this talk, directors David Redmon and Ashley Sabin screened their acclaimed documentary Girl Model. After the screening, the directors made themselves available for a question and answer period.

New Research Grant

Dr. Avril Aitken is a collaborator on a new SSHRC Insight Grant out of York University for $469,230, titled  “Listening to the Land: The Naskapi Nation Invests in Mining.”
In collaboration with Principal Investigators Celia Haig-Brown and Wes Cragg (York), as well as collaborator, Curtis Tootoosis (Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach)


Student Aboriginal Alliance

In November 2013, the Race and Indigeneity Axis sponsored members from the Aboriginal Alliance, a student group at Bishop’s University, to travel to McGill’s First Nations House and Concordia’s Native Centre to share knowledge and obtain expertise in the best ways to increase the profile of aboriginal cultural activities on campus.

Public Lecture

As part of a year-long collaborative focus on material culture with both the English and History Departments, the Gender Axis co-organized the Ogden Glass Lecture on November 8, 2013, featuring Dr. John Potvin (Concordia) who delivered the talk titled “From Theatre Stage to Fashion Cover to Bedroom Design: Fashioning a Dancing Queen in 1920s Paris.”

Food for Thought Student Colloquium, April 2013 (jointly organized by Crossing Borders and the History Department).

This cluster-wide interdisciplinary undergraduate colloquium featured Bishop’s students presenting papers related to food issues, including globalization, farming, food security and food culture.

Food for Thought Series, 2013

Organized by the History Department, this series bringing together scholars, activists and students counted with the sponsorship of various Crossing Borders Axis.

The Panel “Culture, Cookbooks and Kitchens: Historical and Literary Perspectives on Food and Gender” was sponsored by the Gender Axis and included the following speakers: Nathalie Cook (English, McGill), Brian Cowan (History, CRC, McGill), Alexia Moyer (recently completed Dissertation in Etudes Anglaises at Université de Montréal), David Szanto (Ph.D. candidate in Gastronomy at Concordia University). Chaired by Linda Morra.

The Race and Indigeneity Axis likewise sponsored the panel, “Growing Local, Buying Local: Re-creating Communities Through Food” which was held at Lennoxville´s Tierra del Fuego, a local experiential learning project that explores socio-ecological alternatives, reciprocal relationships and food security. Pnael participants included, Brial Creelman (local activist); Jean Doyon (Ph.D. candidate at Concordia, socio-ecological studies) ; Samuel Oslund (Santropol Roulant director of urban agriculture program) ; Andre Nault (member of Les amies de la Terre de l’Estrie).

Finally, Crossing Borders´ Transnational Identities Axis sponsored the panel, “Transnational Intersections between Food Security and Food Sovereignty,” which was co-organized by Jean Manore and David Webster.

Idle No More Teach-In, Winter Term 2013

This event aimed to introduce students and the community to the Idle No More movement was organized by the Race and Indigeneity Axis through the auspices of Jean Manore and Lisa Taylor, and held at Champlain College.

Panel, March 2013 “Colonial and Counter-Colonial Discourses of Indigenous and Racial Identities.”

As part of the Foreman Art Gallery´s Decolonize Me Exhibition, Jean Manore from the Race and Indigeneity Axis co-organized this panel with curator Vicky Chainey Gagnon to explore the formation of indigenous identities in the context of colonial and post-colonial processes. Participants included Cristian Berco (History), Heather Igloriorte (Curator, Art Historian), Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Interdisciplinary Artist), Lisa Taylor (Education).


Roundtable on Immigration and Identity, November 2012

As part of the visit to Bishop´s by Altay Manço, which was made possible by the ETRC, the Transnational Identities Axis headed by Cristiana Furlan co-sponsored a roundtable that explored current issues related to global migratory movements and the formation of identity.

Queer Subjectivities and Virtual Communities, March 2012

Crossing Borders and the English Department co-organized this public scholarship event which brought the cast of MTV’s wildly popular show, 1girl5gays, to Bishop’s The Gait. In this mock version of the show, Dr. Jessica Riddell (English) played the “girl” and engaged cast members in a discussion about identity, sexuality and queerness that filled the venue to capacity.

This project was inspired by John Partington’s honours thesis “Queer Subjectivities, Virtual Limitations” (Department of English). John delivered a short talk on the theoretical and academic aspects of the show and the questions the show raises immediately before the “mock show” began. This event was sponsored by the Speaker’s Committee.

Bodies in Question(s) Symposium, March 2012

As an event jointly organized by Crossing Borders and Montreal Dance Company Van Grimde Corps Secrets, Bodies in Question(s) conducted interdisciplinary exchanges on the perception of the body, bringing together academic researchers and artists to explore topics such as the Body and Identity and the Body of the Future. This event was sponsored by the Speakers Committee.


New Publication by Dr. Trygve Ugland

Dr. Ugland’s latest book, Jean Monnet and Canada: Early Travels and the Idea of European Unity (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011) tells the story of how Jean Monnet’s encounters with Canada and Canadians between 1907 and 1914 played a vital role, both as inspiration and as enduring reference point, in his project of uniting Europe.

The Gender Axis public debates, 2011-12 

As part of its continuing public scholarship events, the Gender Axis organized two debates in the 2011-12 school year.

October 2011 saw a debate titled “One Love or Big Love: Debating Monogamy, Polyamory, and Everything in Between” at the Gait. Dr. Michele Murray (Religion) and Christopher Carmichael (Honours English) argued for polyamory while team monogamy was composed of Dr. Bruce Gilbert (Philosophy) and Adria Midea (History). The audience voted for team monogamy as the winner.

In March 2011 Dr. Cristian Berco (History) and Taylor Johnston (Business) squared off against Dr. Jenn Cianca (Classics) and Bill Crooks (Philosophy) in the debate titled “Man Up or Man Down? Is there a Crisis of Masculinity in the c21st?” at the Gait. The audience selected the argument that we are not currently suffering a crisis of masculinity, put forth by team Cianca and Crooks, as the winner.

Both debates filled the Gait and brought serious scholarly discussions of sensitive and controversial issues as well as many laughs and an overall good time.

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